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Sunday, January 2, 2011


To kill time while my Bel Ami video of Andre Boleyn, Jack Harrer and Kevin Warhol is being converted to DivX format, let me go down memory lane and revisit my first venture into this forbidden fruit called pornography.

I remember my first porn, I was in the 4th grade then. It was uneventful, really. My cousin woke me up in the middle of the night to view this movie. His bestfriend fed the betamax tape (yes, it was that long ago) into the player and they both got comfortable. I didn't know at the time that they were masturbating through their shorts. The movie started with this man reading the daily newspaper while this girl was repeatedly staring at him and his crotch. She got up and knelt in front of him and started undoing his trousers. To my shock, his plump penis was in her hands in no time and it got really big (even for my present standards) and it looked flushed with blood and hard.

The scene unrolling before my eyes that night awoke a primal curiosity in me, a curiosity which I continually fed and has today turned that same curiosity into this green-eyed beast constantly awake constantly reminding me that I am a creature of lust. By the way, that cousin of mine turned out to be gay. I bet he liked watching those movies with his bestfriend because he lusted over him while they were jacking off.

Anyway, my second porn would be that of Rocco Siffred in the movie Tarzan. The story behind my discovery of the pirated VCD is actually fun to tell. You see, curious as I was, I thought that if you can put copies of files onto diskettes (yes, another ancient artifact) why not put copies into CDs. I searched high and low, rummaged by parent's room for a CD and at last I saw one stashed behind documents and folders. I popped it in our PC's optic drive then tried to drag-and-copy a file into the disk. As you would know, it didn't work. But what happened next did not frustrate me at all. I clicked away at the files inside the CD and voila a movie played out of this one folder named AVSEQ-something. Hahaha. Since then, I have lusted over Rocco's big fat schlong. That was when I knew what oral sex was. I discovered other acts one could do to a woman other than casual genital to genital sex. That day will forever live in infamy...well at least for me.

The dawn of the connected world would again mark another milestone in my search for porn. We first had our internet connection through a modem in my 5th year in primary school. Through Yahoo and eventually Google, I discovered tons upon tons of images from Playboy magazine. It was then that I began to notice that what actually turned me on when watching porn was not the women and their ginormous tits but actually the massive porn-sized dicks. Women spreadeagled for all to see just didn't cut it. I went looking for pics of Playgirl bunnies with gorgeous men in them. And I went on until women were completely out of the picture. Alas. I was beginning to discover I was gay as gay could be.

I would swoon over catalogs of Playgirl magazine. Those were the days of Julian Armanis, my porn god from Bel Ami studios. His scenes in Frisky Summer was too much for me to handle. Hahaha. Now that I recall, I think it was through this 30-second clip of him in a bathtub stroking his 9-inch dick which made me cum for the first time. That night, now that I think back, was marked by utmost satisfaction over my first teenage orgasm coupled by the dire worry of something unknown happening to me. I thought I grasped my dick so hard I bled out but at the same time it was making the greatest sensation ever. It was sick. I think I did it another time that night. Hahaha.



  1. hhahaha dapat babasahin ko.. pero tungkol sa PORN pala toh.. hahah bagong taon na bagong taon porn topic mo ah... hahahahahahahahah

    pero mag-shashare din ako... una akong porn... ay.. hahah kasama ko mga childhood friends ko.. 12 pa lang ako nun..walang malay sa mundo.. ng pina-panuod nila sa kin ang pornstatic na palabas...ay hindi pala porn..anime yun.. ano ba tawag dun.. pero porn pa din sa tingin ko..

    simula nun... na-phobia ako sa mga lalake.. seryoso.. as in phobia.. Iyak ako ng iyak pag katabi ko tatay ko o yung mga kuya ko.. as in.. pero ngayon wala na..

    at alam ko mahaba na comment ko.. kahit di ko naman talaga binasa yung post mo.. hahah

    tsaka na lang magbabasa ulit..


  2. @Kamilla: Hahaha. Wala kasi akong ibang maisip na topic. Baka Hentai mini-mean mo? Ay, di ako mahilig sa ganun. Sa Yaoi pa siguro...wahaha