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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Third Year and Weight Loss

Guys. Good news. Ako po ay na-promote to Third Year Medicine. Thanks for all your prayers, that is, if you did pray for me. If you didn't, to Hell with you! Joke.

Anyways. With that stumbling block behind me, I now am focusing on my weight loss program. Yes. And to inspire me, I will post a pic of myself 4 years ago. Its amazing how I let myself get this thin. Maybe the flight of stairs spanning 7 floors back in Ateneo had something to do with it. We don't have that in Medskul. So, I am now vowing to rid myself of public transport should my own two feet suffice. I'm talking tricycles, pedicab, trisikad (pajak) and the like.

Sana may magandang resulta ang aking pagpapapayat this year.

Kung sila ba naman ang magtre-train sa akin, I'll be slim in no time. Kahit pa 24 hours straight ang workouts.

And to end this post...Wala lang. Ang sarap sigurong sumali...wehehehe...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Memoriam

AJ Perez, a young and promising talent of ABS-CBN died not more than 4 hours ago in a vehicular accident. I am still awaiting news but I guess the number of Twitter shout-outs from ABS-CBN's Stars about his passing is enough to confirm said event.

Shet. Crush na crush ko pa naman itong artistang ito. AJ, you will be missed.

Posted April 16, 2010, 2:23 AM.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bel Ami - Hot and Sexy


"Bel" is French for "beautiful" and "Ami" means a "Male Friend". (Note: Adding an "e", "Amie", changes the gender, a female friend.) So, put loosely, this name of a Czech porn studio means "Beautiful Boyfriend" and boy do they deliver! Bel Ami is basically known throughout the gay world. If you, by any chance, haven't gotten wind of it, where the heck have you been?

A little backgrounder. My first ever full movie download, porn or non-porn for that matter, was "A Greek Holiday" by Bel Ami. I torrented all 1.4 GB of it way back in 2003 because it starred Julian Armanis, my first ever porn wetdream. Oh how many sperm cells and prostatic juices went to waste for his sake! He, for me, was the modern gay Adonis. Sleek, muscled body, amply cut abdominals, slight dash of hair just on the right places, a visage of perfection. He was orgasmicly sexy.

In the dawn of the broadband internet, however, Julian has quit doing Bel Ami videos. He now is keeper of finances of Bel Ami. So I had to make do with other Bel Ami models. None quite appealed much to me as much as Julian did. That was until late last year when Jack Harrer debuted.

Jack Harrer had a lot of the traits I found especially enticing and deliciously sexy in Julian. The well-sculpted body, boy-next-door looks, pleasant, charming, non-cocky persona all of which oozed from a lad with a prized manhood.

What I like in Bel Ami videos is the semblance of romance. The pre-sex cuddling, deep, passionate kisses and licks slowly crescendoing to a heated blowjob and ass play.

Videos peak with gyrating bubble butts, moans filled with desire, lustful exploration of the male body all in preparation for a burst of libido.

I find the slow pace of the sex act pleasurable unlike wham-bam-cum videos made by other studios. They just lack personality and that tad mix of sexuality and sensuality that turns me on and keeps the juices flowing, if you know what I mean. Other than the hot models at the peak of their youthful beauty, I think this is what's special with Bel Ami studios. A very talented director and cinematographer aided by a pricey HD-Sony Camera all come in handy too in capturing all of Bel Ami's sizzlers.


BUT (Here comes the negative criticisms), recently, I have observed changes in the way they produce videos. Though I find them videos still oven-hot, I find recent threesome and orgy videos too boring and a bit tacky. It may be that my dislike for sex that comes in 3's or more is clouding my judgment, but, there's this element of exhibitionism that I kinda am not comfortable with. I mean, jerking off in the twenties-something (20+ guys, which Bel Ami claims might be the largest filmed group jerk-off/orgy ever) is a bit unrealistic. Its a move away from the realism I find in intimate gay sex between couples. Like, come on, 20+ guys wanking together? Where's the sexiness in that?

And, yes, trios and multiple orgies have become common from Bel Ami lately. But, come on! A trio video involving TWINS? That's another level I'm not quite comfortable with yet again. Some may find it kinky. I find it incestuous. Sorry. I'm not for that thing. But, hey, if you are, here's a pic of a recent twinfest as they call it.

Hmmm. That's it for now.

Uhm, so this is my first "porn-critic" post. As of yet, a catchy name to call this type of post eludes me. Got any ideas? What would you rate my post?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet Love

Wala lang. Pag-logon ko pa lang kasi sa FB eh yan ang post ng Doctor namin sa wall niya. And I just love this song. Pang diva kasi na classic na rin. At kayang-kaya ko kantahin with all the emote and kulot. Oy rhyming. Hehehe.

Anyway, matagal na akong di nakakapag-post.

Natapos na ang second year ko sa Med school. Ang pinagdarasal ko na lang ngayon, (LORD, if you're reading) eh na pumasa ako dun sa Pathology removals exam na 135 items at kelangan kong magka-80 man lang. Hindi talaga ako sing-confident dun di tulad ng sa Surgery removals na medyo breeze at chicken lang (yabang!). So ayun. Sa Tuesday (April 19th) ang deliberation ng committee for promotions. Hay naku. Lord, once again, papasa naman po ako po. Huhuhu.

Sino nanuod ng Bnb. Pilipinas? Yeah. Nag-trending topic sa Twitter si Nuestra Señora Venus Raj. Hahaha. Kasi naman, sino naman kasing magaakalang magpruprosinsyon siya ala-Sto. Niño. As in, sinong nagkulot sa iyo Teh? Close malamang kay Baby Jesus. Kakaaliw. Namangha ako sa kanyang talaga. Heto pa ibang mga Twitter trends about sa Poong Venus Raj:

"Akala ko naligaw ako. Ginawa niya kasing Quiapo ang Araneta."

"Mga audience po kami, di kami mga deboto."

"Pinaghahanap na po ngayon ng NBI (Nagkukulot Buhok Investigation) ang nagkulot kay Venus Raj."

Hahahaha. Kakatawa lang talaga. Tsaka, maiba ako. Bakit mistulang walang ka-talent-talent sumagot ng questions ang mga Filipina contestants. Akalain mo, nanalo na yung pagka-gasgas-gasgas na "Education, b-coz it can't be taken away from you." As in. Walang bagong mga sagot. Meron pating nag-ala barangay na "Thank you for that wonderful question". Pwede? And, pinaka-FAIL sa lahat, "People is Government and Government is People." Huh? Paikot-ikot ka Teh? Di siguro siya familiar sa "Gov't is for, by, and of the People."

Hay. Anyways. Sige, hanggang dito na lang muna. Pinag-iisipan ko kasi uling i-spice up ang blog na ito. Kaso, by so doing, magiging non-Rated-PG tayo.