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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Guys, do pray for my behalf. Sure na akong kukuha ng REMOVAL EXAMS for Surgery and General Pathology. I don't have the guts to tell my parents that I am a candidate for such exams. Di kasi aabot ng 75 ang aking grades for both of 'em subjects, nasa 70.00-74.49 lang. Pero grabeng kayod na ako makuha lang yang 70-74.49 na grade. Please pray for me. Thanks. Until then, di pa masusundan itong entry ko.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Curta - Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho

Portuguese Gay-Themed Short Film

Wala lang. Hang-cute lang ng ending niya.

Uhm, for the English subtitles, find and click the Arrow Up button then click the CC button and change the subtitles to English.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Matagal na ring hindi ako nakakapag-post ng entry. Naging busy lang ako these past few days. What I've found myself doing was homework and a lot of pages to read, study, and allot a huge portion of the text into my inferior temporal lobe (kung saan naka-store ang memory). I do check my blog from time-to-time but mostly I just redirect into the blog's of my blog-friends namely Nishi, Kamille, and Haze. Aside from checking-out and reading their blogs, I check my FB page for some messages mostly from my Physical Diagnosis groupmates. Other than that, I await for Bleach and Naruto mangas. Very routinary, I know (I can't believe blogger blotched "routinary" in red, its not misspelled! urgh!) but I do try to spice up my after-school life. Lately, I do just that with porn. But after 20 to 30 minutes of growling, hip-to-butt banging and lusty moans of orgasmic pleasure, the rush just fades away with it. I need something more.

I've provided a solution for that gap in my want for gratification. The solution? Movies! Movies I torrent for hours. Movies in High-Definition. I found a desperately sought rush from looking at the download percentage bar slowly inching its way rightwards to 100% completion. All the while, the rush doesn't become wasted for I pour it unto my e-book on Surgery or Pathology, my real school subjects. The actual movie itself is the icing on the cake.

And to present you with this and the previous week's icing, here is a short tribute to those movies.

First off was Reign of Assassins.

Amazing movie. I've always loved Asian action movies my father calls "Flying" movies. He has never understood why this dazzling unhuman act was, for me, an Art. Personally, seeing them defy gravity makes me relive my childhood fantasies. They make me believe in the power of the mind. That it knows no bounds. That from a stupid notion of humans swiftly moving as if they were feather-light and jumping off buildings like their bones were made of adamantium also at the same time, one can transform stupidity into a tightly choreographed lethal ballet as opposed to the cliche of reality-bound fight scenes is pure brilliance.

Second movie was, Leap Year.

I didn't quite like Amy Adams in that Disney movie with Cyclops. Haha. Enchanted was it? But when I saw her in Julie & Julia over at HBO, she was exuberant. She had me mistaken. She actually can be a very versatile actress. What she has become is far from her Cruel Intentions 2 days. About the movie, well, it was romantic. I liked the plot where guy slowly falls for annoying girl ending up losing her over self-doubt, cowardice and wrong-timing. But all's well that ends well. The new guy, Matthew Goode, being hot didn't disappoint.

Third movie was Love and Other Drugs.

This should be the year's most "gerger"-ous movie. Gerger is Bisaya slang for sex btw. But aside from Jake's butt exposure and Anne's boobies, this movie is actually good. It reminds us that loving someone isn't just because they make you feel good but because they actually make you feel good about yourself. Love for someone brings with it more love for oneself. On a less serious note, Jake was effing DELICIOUS in this movie. Him making love to and giving Anne an orgasm is a certified boner-bringer.

Fourth, and today's film, is Flipped.
And Australia yet again gifts the world with another hot up-and-coming star, Callan McAuliffe. He is Sam in the new Spielberg movie I Am Number Four. This movie is a goody-goddy. Just makes you feel all butterflied inside. What I liked from this movie is the assessment of the character, Julie, that humans, especially in this day and age, are LESS than the sum of their parts. People can be true airheads and very superficial these days. I pass by my previous college and I see example after example. But then, I could just be too judgmental. Still, I can't help but put labels.

So, that quite ends this post. Right now I'm torrenting Hachiko: A Dog's Tale starring Richard Gere. Its about a dog's loyalty and how it may surpass even a human's. I just might write about it.