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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Medical Bloopers

Medical Bloopers No.1

Scene: Mental Hospital, Interviewing Mental Patient aka "Manong"

Hayme: Manong, ilan naman kayong magkakapatid?
(Sir, how many siblings do you have? [rough translation])

Manong: Anim

Hayme: Lahat naman po ba sila NORMAL sa pag-iisip?
(Are all of them MENTALLY NORMAL?)

XHET!!! Wrong question!!! Well, I clearly have a lot more to learn about clinical tact. Urgh! Good thing Manong didn't react much. Either he's understanding of my lack of interviewing skills considering I'm a second year medical student or he was unaware of the implication behind the question. Ehe.


Medical Blooper No.2

Scene: Weekly Family Lunch, Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010

Uncle: Papa-Antivirus nga pala ako sa'yo.
(I wanna get an Antivirus from you.)

Hayme: Po? Alin po? Hepa-B? Di pa naman po ako marunong.
(Uhm, what? Which one? Hepatitis-B? I still don't know how [to
administer it].)

Uncle: Di ata yun. Kaspersky ata yung sabi ng kakilala ko.
(That's not it. I think my pal told me it was named Kaspersky.)

Ehehehehe. I overthink things sometimes. And most of the time, I can't get my mind off school.


Medical Blooper No.3

Scene: Pathology Class, Mini-AVR @ Laboratory Hall

Dr.M : If bowel infarcts happen, what type would they be?
Class : Red Infarct
Dr.M : Good. Why would they not become white infarcts?
Class : Because the intestines have multiple blood supply.
Dr.M : Very good. Because of the intestinal CASCADES...(then I butt in)

And I butt in with my conversational loud voice which reberverrated across the small room. Dr.M scanned the hall and was drawn towards my direction. I futilely hunched my back. He spotted me anyway.

Dr.M : Thank you for the correction. Yes. ARCADES...Because of the intestinal arcades...

Whew!!! Another tight corner there. Me and my nasty habit of butting in on someone when I spot a wrong word, mispronounced word, grammatically incorrect sentence...etc. Ugh!



  1. Lol. Blooper number 3. I know that aspect of yours all too well.

  2. Hahaha. Jason, nabuhay ka! Welcome sa blogosphere uli.