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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Alas. My mind isn't infinite at all. I try to learn as much as I could but then time erodes what knowledge I keep cramped in my neurons. I could only imagine being Spock, able to recall and apply all Vulcan mathematical equations and formulas that could explain the laws governing the universe. I too would want to be the Spock of Medicine. But, alas, I am not a Vulcan. Haysh.

What brought about this geeky entry? Well, my sister made me watch Big Bang Theory the other night and it sure is comedy for the likes of me. If you are well read in the Sciences, especially Physics and Chemistry, and you know a little of Politics, Economics and Geography, well then, you could expect a good laugh from the said show. Then, last night, a friend FB-ed me a video depicting Albert Einstein's view that God exists. Well, I've always adored the genius of Einstein. If I could be him, that would be the closest I'd get to becoming a Vulcan. Waha. Next thing I knew, I was reading through Wikipedia's entry on him. Hohum, I was again dragged to the reality that I do not possess a brain of his level. I could not understand half of what the article on Relativity, Equivalence Principle, Adiabatic Invariance etc. were saying. Haysh. Too good to be true.

It frustrates me.



  1. alam ko yun..about einstein.. haha.. ang geek nga..di ko maintindihan..

    haha..hello napadaan sa blog mo!! :)

  2. haha...thanks for the visit. nasa US ka na?