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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cardiac Surgical Pathology

In light of my first time to pass a Surgery quiz, let us all sing together now! "For the first time..."

So yes, I passed that Surgery quiz I was studying for the night I decided to blog again. I got 35 over 60. Yes, it was that freaking hard. But then the highest score was 41 and since 10 questions weren't answered correctly BY ANYONE in the class, they were taken out of the number of items. So I was credited 35 over 50, which made me pass. Happy happy happy. I could pass Surgery naman pala

My heart trully skipped a beat..."Hayme, pasado ka! Pasado ka!"...

=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

*Rinne's Test is a test of hearing. It compares sound perception through conduction of sound 
via the mastoid process and through air. 

Rinne and I both live in the outskirts of the city so we almost always go home together. Our hour and a half ride through the primetime traffic always makes ample time for all sorts of discussions. Yesterday wasn't dissimilar. 

Hi Me: Ang mga babae ba your-age, nililibugan din? 
Rinne: Huh?
Hi Me: What media portrays is how the male species are when they get aroused. Nagtataka lang ako kung paano           ma-arouse ang mga babae.
Rinne: (after much hesitation)...uhm, Oo. Ano ba naman 'tong topic natin. (kuliglig uli) Pero, oo. 
Hi Me: So, ikaw, na...teka...para di tayo maintindihan. Kung ang rhinoceros may "horns" and elephants may "tusk". 
Rinne: Ano? Paano napunta sa hayop?
Hi Me: Basta, sundan mo na lang. Ikaw paano ka ma "tusky"?
Rinne: Hahaha. Eh di, yung, nagmo-moist siya doon.
Hi Me: Ah, so totoo pala talaga yung nababasa ko.
Hi Me: So, tumatagos talaga yun pag namamasa?
Rinne: Wag na nga natin to pag-usapan. Wahahaha. Pwede Pathology of the Heart na lang? 
           May quiz kaya tayo bukas.
(Change topic na...di na niya kinaya level ng pagtatanong ko.)

=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

*The Tail of Spence is an extension of the tissue of the breast which extends into the axilla.

We had Saturday classes today. Pathology of the Heart. While our cute professor (di ako nagsabi, opinion ito ni Spence*) was lecturing endlessly, I started to daydream of this guy in the past who has caused me more than a fair share of heartaches my young heart could handle back then. Emo. Haha. So yeah, I kept remembering him throughout the two-hour lecture. 

How I always waited for him to arrive for our 7am class in Bio-Sci. How we stayed at Chowking Vega to study for Genetics exam and when I taught him how to calculate for Genetic Interference in Gene Recombination. How I feigned "comparisons of hand sizes" with him because of this article I read which I thought was totally phony. How he loved the siomai at SEKS and Papus. How I smiled inside when he finally walked through the Anatomy lecture hall and would always sit at the last row. How I got up from where I was seated and walked past my friends just so I could sit beside him. He was my puppy love. How I felt for him though is still the most I've felt for any other guy. Yes. I'm not gonna be ashamed to say that at 24 years of age, after 5 years of finally being able to say "I'm gay" to myself and to my bestfriends, I still am a newbie in all of these relationship stuff. Hence, my longing to finally have that special someone. Hope God brings him my way soon.


  1. at dahil wala kang chat box, dito ako manggugulo. lol. dapat sinabi mo agad na may blog ka na. ipopromote kita sa next post ko. =P

  2. Hahaha. You sound exactly my younger brother who's taking up medicine. Congrats on the quiz. I zan relate. :-)