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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fabio-lous Life

I was browsing through the internet looking for Pacquio-Mosley update blogs but got wind of this instead.

Nanginig ako sa aking seat. How could someone this handsome exist without me knowing? Sure, I've noticed him before in some commercial or two but I condemn myself for not knowing his name. It is Fabio Ide. Yet another face in a torrential downpour of Brazilian-Japanese models horded by Filipino model agencies. Perhaps only Daniel Kenji Matsunaga rivals his charm facade-wise.

So into him right now...

Anyway, my first week into third year Medicine was quite uneventful yet full of good memories bar a few mishaps. I didn't do well in the oral history taking in Pediatrics, overwhelmed by Doc B's presence and the bantering cries of my groupmates eager to earn their fair share of the grade. I would also have to endure a week or perhaps a couple of my mom's bad mood. She gets mentally and emotionally irritable every time a sizable amount of bucks is forwarded my way, more than a hundred thousand pesos for my tuition and four gargantuan books not to mention other measly stuff and paraphernalia which put together still sums up to quite a pocket-load. Other than those, I'm pretty happy I'm in this very moment in my life.

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