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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Interest

My aunt's balikbayan box has finally arrived and along with it came my request, a 1 Terabyte Western Digital My Passport portable hard drive. I've been dieting (to no effect on my BMI) and saving like there's no today (as if walang pagkakagastusan sa araw-araw) but all that could not make my savings abound to 7 thousand pesos. All I could come up with was a measly 2 K. Yes, I'm that bad at saving. Kaya naman I thought, bakit di na lang ako manghingi dun sa may kaya kahit na di nagse-save? Hahahaha. Alas! My (lack of) effort paid-off. I am now writing this long overdue blog post to kill time as my overburdened internal hard disk drives unload years' worth of data into my new portable drive.

 Where to begin? I've got much free time today and for the next two weeks because it is SEMBREAK. The last semestral break for medical shool. Wala na kasing break ang fourth year during senior clerkship duty. I think I passed all my subjects except offcourse that wretched Internal Medicine. Nag-bear ba ng grudge? Haha. 71 lang ako sa subject na yun and that little incident mentioned in my previous post has got a lot to do with it. Well, more effort next semester then. That's for my academic update. Leisure-wise, I am now trying to vacate one drive in my PC so I could install Microsoft's day-old release of Windows 8 Developer Preview. I hope installation goes well. I really am excited with what Microsoft has in store for Windows 8 enthusiasts like myself. It took all night to download almost 4 Gigabytes of installation data. Hope every waiting hour will be worth the effort.

 Sex-wise, well, I have had certain issues whilst I was not online. There was this bullying issue in class. No, not that really grievous to be truthful, its just that it really annoys me when people match a straight guy to an unsuspecting gay guy believing that such pair-up would somehow tickle the ego of said gay guy. I, in no perceivable way, was delighted. Grrrr. Okay, enough with the negative vibes. One sexually-tinged incident that has caught me off guard was my new-found arousal from straight sex (wait for it), the cunnilingus part. Yes, I didn't quite expect that I would (or even could) derive pleasure from watching a guy eat out a girl's pussy. I usually just skipped that part whenever I watch straight porn. It happened that I pressed the wrong button, the SLOW button, when I initially planned to skip the entire cunnilingus scene. That's when it dawned on me, "hey, this seems kinda sexy." Alas, I found my willy stand in attention while watching the entire 10 minute clip where the guy was bringing this girl to orgasm with his tongue. The blowjob part is my usual favorite scene because I find it alluring how a guy could be made to moan as if in pain by just the manual and oral stimulation of his glans penis. In retrospect, I should have had found cunnilingus much more amusing considering the female glans clitoris is an even smaller organ relative the glans penis yet it is able to elicit even more pleasure. EWAN. Let's not delve into my sexual perversion too much. Suffice to say that I now have a new interest in straight porn.

 Okay, my data transfer is done. See you next time.

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